Can a Silly Quiz Really Grow Your Brand?

What cartoon character are you?  Which city should you live in?  How many kids should you have? Questions like these are commonly seen on social platforms these days, and you have to admit that you have been enticed to participate at some point in the past.  We, as human beings, are drawn to these quizzes, especially when we are in procrastination mode.

While you may consider them nothing more than a waste of time, the truth is that they can be very effective marketing tools, and many companies have discovered that they can produce genuine, valuable leads.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of these quizzes is the fact that they are of a cyclical nature.  You will very likely see the same quiz (or two that are nearly identical) surge in popularity, seemingly disappear, and then suddenly show up again with renewed interest.  The same truth was seen long before the social media boom.   Magazines have often featured personality quizzes, relationship quizzes, and even knowledge-based quizzes, with the same topics, nearly identical questions coming up over and over again through the years.

Companies can use these phenomenon to their advantage.  Creating a silly quiz is anything but a waste of time.  Entice your intended audience to take the test, and you may just be amazed at the large number of email addresses you can add to your marketing list.  Many companies have added thousands of names and contact information for potential customers in just this manner.  If you are going to attempt to do the same, be sure to consider these tips:

  1. Keep the quiz related to your industry to ensure that the email addresses lead you to someone who may become a future customer.
  2. Ask questions that are likely to reveal insight about your intended audience, which could improve your future marketing efforts.
  3. Ask that users enter an email address before showing the results of the quiz. (you can include an opt-out link as well)
  4. Limit the number of questions, to avoid a loss of interest before the end.
  5. Think carefully about the heading and image, as these might be enough to entice users to take the quiz.


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