Three Reasons Why Your Social Media Efforts Are Falling Flat

If you are still struggling in the social media arena, then chances are that you are making simple mistakes that are costing you a great deal and Marketing Companies in Del Mar can help.  There are three basic checks that you should do before you give up or seek outside assistance from Marketing Companies in Del Mar. Are You Scheduling Properly? The number one mistake made by companies attempting to use social media to grow their business is inconsistency.  Too many people make the mistake of thinking that they can be strong on social media without regularly checking in.  Today, social media is a big part of business success, so treat it with the respect that it deserves – put it on your schedule.  Block out time daily to be online, conversing, sharing, posting, and engaging others.  Don’t overwhelm your schedule with these efforts, but do allow yourself the time needed to build a social presence online.  Write it on your calendar, mark yourself as busy during that time, and treat it as you would a meeting with a client.  You wouldn’t just set the meeting aside because some other issue arises.  You would sit in on the meeting, and deal with the other responsibility after you were done.  Social media is important, so don’t let it take a backseat.

Are you Overthinking It? Yes, there are analytics to consider.  Yes, you should have a strategy in place.  Yes, there are mistakes to avoid.  That doesn’t mean that you should get bogged down in the science of social media.  Remember, the underlying principle is communication.  Be social – answer questions, share interesting content, write interesting posts of your own – and let everything else fall into place around that.

Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin There are countless social platforms available to you today, but that doesn’t mean that you should try to be on all of them.  You might not even have the time to care for the top five.  Focus on being where you audience is most likely to be and build those platforms first.  Devote your time and energy to growing in those two or three social media arenas before you move into others.  Too many people get overwhelmed because they try to do it all at once.  The result?  They don’t see any tremendous growth on any of the platforms and ultimately get too frustrated to continue.

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