Engage Customers After the Sale with CRM

The benefits of CRM software have been discussed at length, both on this website and across the web.  With most understanding the advantages, companies have rolled it out within their organizations and are now finding ways to maximize its worth. If you are among those working toward making the most of CRM, then you should certainly consider how it can help you engage with the customer, and potential customer.  This isn’t all about the initial discovery of the lead, or even that first connection.  CRM software can help you throughout the lifetime of the relationship with that consumer.

There is a lot of money to be made in repeat sales and referrals.  However, this generally means that you will have to make an effort, even after the sale has happened.  You must continue to engage those individuals so your company’s name remains on the tip of their tongues.  With CRM data, it is possible to learn a great deal about those individuals, to segment them based on a number of different factors, and to then engage them with very personalized messages.  It goes much further than email marketing and can extend into a vast array of platforms online and in hard copy.

The personalized message is very important at all stages of the customer lifespan.  A person who just purchased your product doesn’t want to receive countless messages advertising it in the days that follow.  Instead, CRM can assist by coordinating the efforts of various departments and ensuring that the customer is understood in a very intuitive manner.

Just like you want to avoid advertising sale prices on the product that the customer just purchased, you do want to know when the consumer is actively shopping for a product that your company manufactures.  And, it might not be just your product, but related products that give an indication.  For instance, the person searching for baby diapers in bulk, brand name pacifiers, and a bouncer seat would likely be interested in your company’s changing table. While your CRM can certainly assist your efforts to continue the relationship after the sale, it is important to remember that the past consumer can become the active lead all over again.  The data collected by the software can indicate exactly when that transition takes place.

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