Speak Succinctly Online To Avoid Losing Their Interest

The truth is that a successful media marketing campaign can result in actual leads coming to you in the digital arena.  When a potential customer or client reaches out to you in this way, you should carefully consider how you approach answering questions, concerns, and comments. While ongoing conversations can be wonderful experiences, people don’t want to have to fight to get the answers that they need to make business- or purchasing decisions.  So, don’t make them fight for it.  Really consider the questions asked or the comments made and answer them as succinctly as possible.

When you are approached online by a potential customer or client with a question or concern, consider all of the follow up questions that could come as a result of your answer.  Tryi to provide as much information as will be necessary to fully address that initial inquiry, while keeping your response to a manageable length.

For example, consider the following scenario:

A potential client of an engineering firm is seeking quotes for local firms, so you are approached online.

Would your company be able to provide a quote based on blueprints?”

One way to answer this would be to simply answer, “Yes, we’d be happy to.”  However, this is likely going to lead to a drawn out conversation that could be spread over a significant amount of time, depending on the selected form of communication. Prospective Client:  Where would I send the blueprints? You:  You can send them to local project engineer for review and he can ensure you receive a quote in a timely manner. Prospective Client:   How can I contact him? You His name is Ed Smith.  You can email him at SmithE@engineeringfirm.com.

Instead of all of the back-and-forth, you could have reconsidered your response, providing all of the information in a single message “Yes, of course.  We would be happy to.  I will contact the local project manager, Ed Smith, and have him contact you.  He will be the one in charge of reviewing the project and ensuring that you receive a quote in a timely manner.”


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