The Ten Commandments of Online Image Usage

  1. Never Steal Images This is a mistake that shouldn’t be made any longer. People have had long enough to adapt to the internet, but still many get in trouble because they steal the photos of others without permission.  It will get you in big trouble if you are caught, and it simply isn’t worth the risk.
  2. Use Your Own Whenever Possible Rather than buying images, relying on royalty free stock, or stealing what isn’t yours, take your own photos. They will be worth more to your company anyway, because they will have a more personal feel for the audience.
  3. Be Sure the Images are Clear and Crisp When you do take your own photos, be sure your camera is properly focused. Blurry or overly dark images will do more harm than good for you.
  4. Opt for High Contrast Images The better the contrast in the picture, the more quickly it will capture the eye.
  5. It Better Be Clear Even in Thumbnail Format When using a photograph as an icon or profile picture, be sure that it is as eye-appealing and clear in the thumbnail version as it was in its original scale.
  6. Be Conscious of the Background So many times we have seen people make the mistake of posting a picture without taking a careful look at what is happening in the background. While they say that all “publicity is a good thing”, there are things that you might not want to be recognized for.
  7. Know the Rules of the “Royalty Free Images” Using royalty free images or buying photos can be worthwhile at times, but be sure that you are obeying the rules outlined by the source.
  8. Add Text Carefully When placing text over an image, be sure that it can be read easily. Some images do not lend themselves to this purpose.
  9. Know the Rule of Thirds When taking a photo, be sure that you are lining up the primary subject in a way that makes it highly appealing to those viewing it. Learn more about the rule of thirds here.
  10. Size Matters Images that are too small will be difficult to view. Images that are too large can take too long to load.

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