Your Company Can Benefit From Pinterest

Many business owners and marketers avoid sites like Pinterest and Instagram because they fear that they don’t have enough of a visual element to their business to make these platforms worthwhile.  However, in many cases, they are simply limiting themselves.  Nearly every business can post images that apply directly to the work done, and those pictures will be more than adequate as a basis for the Pinterest account. Pinterest has a business site ( and on that site, you can visit some of the “success stories”.  These are a small selection of the companies that have made Pinterest work for them.  Among those companies are interior designers, home furnishings retailers, restaurants, photographers, and travel sites.  Of course, these make sense, as all of these industries would have a wealth of images, and would make it a habit to sell products or services through the use of those images.  However, not all of the success stories have such an obvious connection to photography.  There is a storage container company, a pet insurance company, and a pharmacy.

The storage container company has created a large number of boards that are dedicated entirely to home organizing.  They focus each board on a different area of the home, including closets, mudrooms, garages, and the kitchen.  By doing this, they create areas of interest and they could incorporate images of their own products, as well as sharing the innovative ways that others have used bins, totes, and storage containers.

The point is that your company can use a platform like this, as long as there is a clear objective in place.  Start with the creation of boards related to the products or services that your company sells.  Once you have come up with six to a dozen boards, you can begin filling them.  This should be a combination of shared pins (those created by other users) and those taken within your own company. Be sure that you are also following boards and pinners that are related to your industry.  This will help you start growing your audience.

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