Be Realistic About Your Company When Online Hiring

If you are in charge of recruiting new talent for your company using online hiring, then you may be tempted to make all sorts of claims and promises in order to entice great candidates in the door.  But, it is important to ensure that those claims are based in reality, otherwise you can cost yourself a lot of time and money hiring and training someone who will ultimately leave, upon learning that he or she was misled. It’s true that today’s workforce has started to consider the company culture, bonus programs, and perks above the salary.  This, of course, has made it more challenging for companies to attract new talent.  It is so tempting to make the promises, knowing that there is a good chance that it won’t be possible to keep them once the person is hired, but this is ultimately a poor move for your organization.  Not only can it cost you capital and valuable time, should the employee turn around and leave again, it can also lead to bad reviews of your company, which will could ultimately turn other talent away in the future.

You want to make your company look good.  Of course you do.  If you are going to attract great talent, you want to show them that they will enjoy being a member of your team.  You can certainly do that without making false claims.  You have employees who have been with your company for years.  There must be something that they love about the job, which makes them stay.  Ask them.  Let them tell the story.  Prospective candidates will appreciate the message even more when it comes from those who are living the lifestyle already.

Additionally, be sure that you are featuring the aspects of the job that will appeal most to those who are applying.  Does your office have a gym for those who want to work out during lunch breaks?  Do you give more paid vacation time than the competitors?  Are you willing to allow employees to work from home one or two days per week?  Will the employee have his or her own office? Are there bonuses offered throughout the year?  These are the things that will entice talent to consider applying.

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