Get the Facts! Don’t Fall for Media Myths

If you are still getting your feet wet when it comes to Internet Marketing San Marcos, or you are revamping your approach because the previous attempts haven’t worked out as planned, then you need to be careful not to fall for the dangerous myths. Ironically, some of the information that others who claim to be Internet Marketing San Marcos experts share with newbies is complete fiction, and it (like lies have a way of doing) has spread, until the same poor advice can be found in thousands upon thousands of how-to articles and blog posts.


It is not free.  There may have been a very short period of time when marketers could profit from the social platforms while investing no real capital, but social media has never really been free.  Even from the start, building a social presence took a good amount of time and, as we all know, time is money.  Today, it takes more than time to be a successful social marketer.  It’s also going to require a budget.


It is true that Google and the other search engines have changed their algorithms several times over the past few years, in an attempt to prevent unethical SEO tactics, and that has changed the SEO approach of most Internet Marketing San Marcos marketers, but that doesn’t mean SEO is dead.  It has just evolved, as everything does in this world.  Failing to consider the SEO is like wearing camouflage in the woods.  Very few are going to see you.


This claim has been circulating for several years now.  The argument is that having multiple social media platforms does away with the need for a website.  It’s not true. You need a landing place, a place to store your content that is fully under your control and owned by you.  You do not own your Facebook account or your Twitter handle.  They can take it away from you at any time, for one of many different reasons.

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