Get the Story Started: Content Inspiration Sparkers

We’ve been saying for a long time now that the power of social marketing is only properly harnessed when the user is an effective storyteller.  This certainly won’t change in 2016.  There has to be a message, a story in the content that you create.  That is what will resonate with your readers, and that is what will convince them to share it with others. A lack of decent content is the most common cause of social media accounts failing.  In order to make the most of your story, you need a good place to share it.  For many, this is a blog on the company website.  For others, though, success has been found posting directly to public arenas, which is easier today, as social platforms introduce their own publishing services.  We still like the self-hosted content, which is not as susceptible.

Once you have the place, you need the content, and that requires a steady flow of inspiration, so you can continue to create enticing pieces. Find your inspiration in what makes you love your company, your products, and your services so much.

Certainly there are stories to be found here, such as how the company was founded, why the product was important to the developers, how the product will benefit the end user, why it is so much different than what was already existing on the market.  These concepts and others are closely related to the business, but they are also the foundations for great storytelling.  Those initial stories, in turn, become the base upon which you can build others.  For instance, once you have told the backstory of the company, you can write more about the lessons that were learned along the way.  Once you have discussed the purpose of the product, you can tell the personal stories of those who have benefited from it.

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