Be Where the Customers Are, Not Where You Want Them to Be

With the development of smart devices, it is not uncommon for people to seek information online from three screens in a single day.  Smartphones, tablets, personal computers, and even smart watches are all providing people the opportunity to engagement, whenever and wherever they want for you to get more customers. Of course, this has meant that businesses and other organizations have had to step away from the idea of relying only on email for engagement.  There are so many platforms for connecting with consumers that we must do what we can to take advantage of them.  The trouble begins when marketers begin to believe that they can force- or persuade customers to come to them.  While there is the hope that the consumers will come to us on our websites, blogs, and profile pages, that should not be the immediate objective.  The initial efforts should be focused on going to where the consumers already are.

The example, of course, is the app made by your company.  We are certain that it is a very impressive app and one that offers the consumer a great deal, but you should not be foolish enough to believe that the consumer will immediately download and being using it.  Similarly, just because you ask a visitor to log in with a social media account or to register with an email, doesn’t mean that they will do so.

The danger exists in turning those consumers away.  You must be where they want you until you can build a certain level of trust that will make them feel more comfortable with downloading your apps, visiting your websites, and registering for your services.

Rely on CRM and marketing automation software.  You don’t need the consumer to log in with a social media account in order to collect valuable data, nor do you need them to visit your website.  A great software will help you collect the data regardless of where you find the consumer and how they interact with you.  That can then be used to develop a more personalized approach to future interactions.

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