Creating Content to Engage

In the last blog post, we wrote a bit about the need for relevancy in content marketing.  Trending news, statistics, and conversation can transform your content strategy.  But, it’s really not enough to find and share the content already created by others.  You must present a body of your own, if you are going to establish a lasting audience. Even those who have become the influencers in social media and the blogging community had to find a method that worked for them.  Many of us start by writing keyword rich junk that we hope will drive traffic from the internet searches to our websites.  Once upon a time, that method paid off, but it wasn’t long before the search engines (and the general public) learned the tricks, and began to guard against it.  The search engines developed better algorithms, new methods of judging content.  The public took to the comments section.  Even now, on Facebook and other such sites, one can determine whether or not an article is worth reading, simply by scanning the comments section first.

Creating content that is worth reading, worth viewing, should always be the goal.  If you don’t feel proud to have your name attached to the piece, then it likely isn’t content that you should be sharing.

Once you establish a pattern of content creation that works for you, you will find it easier to appeal to your customer base, you will become an influencer in your industry, fans will keep coming back for more, and they will eagerly sign up for newsletters and blog update alerts.

Content marketing should be seen as a game of relevancy, consistency, and devotion.  Always seek to be among the first to create content based on trending topics related to your industry.  Always provide clean, well-worded, properly edited content that will appeal to your audience. Always be devoted to those in your niche, speaking directly to them about topics that matter, rather than creating keyword rich fluff.


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