Be Relevant: Using Trending News to Improve Your Content Marketing

For the average online retailer, trying to attract customers, content marketing can be a very powerful tool.  Unfortunately, many companies misunderstand the power of content, believing that all content is created equally, and that simply writing something (with keywords included) will draw the customers in. The truth is that the power of content lies in its ability to change the customer’s perspective of you and your business.  Great, relevant content has the power to turn you into an “industry expert.”  Keyword rich, but otherwise garbage content has the power to take up space on your website.

So, how do you upgrade your content?  Start by learning.  You can’t be the expert if you don’t know anything.  And, while we have the utmost faith that you know very much about your own company and your own product, you should also be aware of what is happening elsewhere in the industry.

That means knowing what is happening right now, in the moment.  What content, published within the past two hours, is earning the attention of your audience?  In order to know this, you, as a content marketer, should have established alerts, and customized feeds, so you can regularly gauge the trending news on a live basis.

Suddenly, via these feeds and alerts, you being to know more about the in-the-moment changes in the industry.  But, remember, that information takes time for others to digest.  You know about it because you took the initiative to search it out, but others won’t see it for a week or even a month, until it filtered through their general feeds.

Now, you can turn that information into worthwhile content.  Share what others have already created.  When you are among the first to share it, you can reap the benefits, just as the original author does.  Comment on the content as well.  This links your name and your knowledge to the story.  Share the information on new platforms too.  What has appeared on Twitter, for instance, may not be so readily available on Facebook, so be the one to spread it.  Most importantly, give your opinion on the topic.  Create content based on what you have learned, and make sure it is well-worded, edited, and worthy of your audience.

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