Hiring Tech: Tips to Find and Retain Great Tech Talent

The need for tech talent is very real.  While many industries face a large pool of talent with too few positions to fill, the tech industry is facing a potential shortage.  So, if your firm is on the hunt for a new tech employee, you will certainly have your work cut out for you.  And, we all know how costly it can be to hire the wrong person.  Not only do we lose time and efficiency until we determine that we did recruit the wrong talent, we also face financial losses as a result of recruiting and training.  Often this can add up to thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars. The need for talented technology experts is growing.  According to the experts, the number of tech openings in this country could increase by half a million within the next eight years.  Yet, the number of potential candidates isn’t growing at the same rate, and that means that we will be facing a serious shortage.  It also means that you need to fill that position with the perfect person and keep that talent for the long term.  Both are difficult prospects when the tech industry is in such high demand, and today’s employees are being told that the only way to make real financial strides is to change employers every two or three years.

So, get yourself some help.  Unless you happen to be proficient in the tech realm, chances are that you don’t know what skills the new recruit must really have in order to fulfill the needs of your organization.  Call in a tech recruiter to assist you in finding the right person for the job.  It’ll cost a bit of capital up front, but given the costs of hiring the wrong candidate, it is certainly the more profitable option.

Once you have hired the right person, be sure to entice him or her to stay onboard.  Today’s employees are looking for tangible benefits (not just pay raises).  Consider flexible work schedules, work from home options, or improved PTO plans.  Not only can these draw the talent to your company, they can help to ensure that they aren’t searching for a more promising opportunity elsewhere.

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