Recruit Greater Talent: Get Your Employees Involved

If you have high hopes of recruiting great talent in 2016, you might want to reconsider who is in charge of creating the content that the potential employees will see.  While the human resource team might be best able to produce the job listings in a clean, concise, and professional manner, when it comes to appealing to the greatest talent, employee generated content is key! Your employees are your goldmine when it comes to attracting new talent.  Why?  Because they know exactly what the potential employees want to know.  They can answer the important questions, the ones that really matter to a person considering a job with your company.

  • What is a day like on the job?
  • How many hours do you put in on the job each week?
  • What skills does a person need to start with the department?
  • What more will that person have to learn in order to move up within the department?
  • What do employees do for lunch, or for fun after hours?
  • What do you like and dislike about the job?
  • What do you wear to work?

These are the sort of questions best answered by a person living the lifestyle.  These and others might be answered in a format similar to a video diary.  The content can then be shared on the job page as well as on social media accounts, which will ultimately attract a different caliber of talent.

Remember that as the personal statements from the people who have really experienced the situation firsthand are much more believable than the pretty, glorified videos presented by many human resource departments.  When the message is real and trusted, the candidate comes to you with a better understanding of how the company operates.  That means that you have attracted worthwhile talent but can also feel comfort in the knowledge that the person is coming to you with clear expectations.

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