New Year’s Resolutions For Your Social Accounts

The New Year’s Resolutions that are the most commonly made in the days after the ball drop are universal areas of concern for good reason in Internet Marketing Encinitas.  And, it is amazing how well they apply when one considers how best to grow social media success in the New Year. Get Organized Like the many experts on weight loss will tell you, the first step is to make it part of your routine.  If you want to be successful with social media, you have to be organized.  It needs to be part of your schedule and you have to have a clear objective in mind.  Otherwise, it falls to the wayside, while you contend with the other, more clearly scheduled tasks.

Cut the Fat If some aspect of your social media approach has been falling flat or causing you more stress than success, it might be time to cut that portion of your social practice.  There are times when marketers find that a particular social platform or a certain type of post fails them.  When that is the case, it is either time to rethink your approach to that particular area of concern, or to stop wasting the time on it.

Try Something New Now is the best time to try something new.  After all, it is a New Year and a time for new beginnings, so don’t hesitate to check out new social platforms.  With the work that you put in throughout the previous year, you likely have an audience established.  In 2016, you can grow that audience by interacting with them in new ways, and that might mean adding another platform to your arsenal.

Fall In Love with Yourself Social media best serves those who recognize their own potential, who feel a distinct loyalty to their individual brands.  If you don’t love you, if you don’t love your brand, then how can you convince others to do so?  Recognize what makes you and your brand unique and share with pride.

Make Smart Money Decisions Unfortunately, what was once free isn’t any longer.  You can still do a lot of organic marketing with social media, but to be really successful with it, you are likely going to have to make some wise investment, in order to boost- or promote your posts.  Otherwise, there is a good chance that 85-90% of your followers will never see your new content.

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