Build Relationships and Greater Success on Social Media

If you want to be successful on Carlsbad Online Marketing in the New Year, you will have to move beyond the posting of interesting content and begin recognizing the importance of ‘social’ in the term social media. The top performers on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram didn’t earn the distinction by quietly posting links to their websites and sharing the occasional news article.  They took the time to start, build, and foster actual relationships in the virtual realm with Carlsbad Online Marketing.

In order to do so yourself, there are a few things that you must realize:

  1. You may love yourself, but you must love others as well. People who spend too much time talking about themselves and their many achievements turn others away.  No one wants to fight to take part in a one-sided conversation.
  2. The relationships aren’t going to fall in your lap. It takes time to build trust and friendship in the real world.  The same applies online.  And, all of that must start with an introductory statement.  So, if you stumble upon a person that you would like to get to know, take the initiative.  Say hi.  Ask a question.  Offer a response to a post already generated. And, don’t do this with one person.  Find multiple people, in your niche with content that is of interest to you, and start the conversation.
  3. You must give others something to talk about and share. A relationship is not built in a day, so keep the conversations going by sharing information that those people will be interested in.
  4. Be passionate. Don’t start a conversation, enjoy the chat and then promptly forget the person’s name.  Go back and seek them out, over and over again, because social media feeds aren’t always good at showing you everything a particular person is talking about.  Take the extra few seconds to follow up.

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