Content Strategy: 5 Tips to Live By

For many brands, content marketing is capturing an ever-growing part of the budget. There is an increased focus on creating and delivering content to consumers that is relevant, valuable, and will ultimately result in a conversion. However, it’s not as simple as posting a blog to the company website or sending out a twice-weekly email blast. Developing a successful content strategy is a complex and multi-faceted process that requires a great deal of planning and cultivation. Here are 5 tips every content marketer should live by:

  1. Use an integrated approach. Your content marketing strategy should do the following: deliver the right message through the right channels to the right audience and at the right time in the buying journey. Once you can determine what it means to meet each of these elements, you develop an approach that integrates each component to best meet the needs of your customers
  2. Focus on your primary objective. It’s easy to get distracted when developing a content strategy; chances are you’ve got 10 different people with 10 different ideas on the best way to handle it. Sometimes it’s best to table those differing opinions, though, and go back to what you know. Think about your primary goal, and how you can most effectively meet it. That should be your focus.
  3. Measure and optimize your strategies. The technology to track and measure your marketing strategy is there, and you should absolutely be using it to optimize your content. You need quantitative data to tell you what’s working and what isn’t, and then you can make the necessary adjustments to improve your strategy.
  4. Understand your audience. Use all that data you’ve collected to better understand your customers. What are people responding to? What demographic are you reaching? How can you better connect with this audience? Once you can answer these questions, you can optimize your content to build positive relationships with your target audience.
  5. Keep it fun. People respond best to humor, so remember to keep your content strategy fun. It’ll be more engaging for people, and it will also humanize your brand, which people will respond to more positively.

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