10 Tips for Making Your Facebook Recruiting-Friendly

Recruiting new talent is a very important part of growing your business.  While filling positions can be simple, you shouldn’t take shortcuts, or you could miss out on candidates that would be a much better fit.  Social media has become a very powerful tool for recruiters.  Potential job candidates are already there, and prepared to communicate, so if you make your page attractive to them, you will likely find that the hiring process can be both quick and beneficial for your organization.  Consider these tips for making your Facebook account recruiting-friendly.

  1. Use Your Own Photos Don’t rely on royalty-free stock photos for your social media accounts, especially if you hope to attract new talent. Use your own photos, and show your employees in action.
  2. Remain Active You must keep your Facebook account relevant, posting regularly.
  3. Share Behind the Scenes Stories You will need content to keep your page fresh, and if you want to attract job candidates, then show them what it will be like to work for your company, with behind the scenes stories.
  4. Consider Employee Interviews for Future Content You can take it one step further by encouraging employees to write blog posts or to participate in interviews about their experience with the company.
  5. Include Links to Your Career Page Don’t forget the links!
  6. Ask Followers for Referrals If you have a dedicated follower base, then use it to your advantage and reward those who are willing to give referrals.
  7. Post Job Openings Post the job openings right on your Facebook page.
  8. Highlight New Openings Don’t just post them, highlight them. You can promote the posts, or simply give more in depth information about what the candidate could expect if hired.
  9. Provide Lines of Communication for Applicants Give them access to your team, providing phone numbers, email addresses or other lines of communication, so questions can be answered and resumes submitted.
  10. Interview Hiring Managers Consider interviewing the managers hiring for the open positions, regarding what they most want to see from prospective candidates.

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