Rid Your Database of Worthless Data

Slowly but surely, your marketing database is going to become bogged down and completely inefficient, if you are repeatedly making phone calls to disconnected numbers or sending emails to junk accounts.  While marketing professionals must rely on their databases, doing so can be dangerous when there hasn’t been any housekeeping done in the recent past. There are several steps you can take to ensure that the information is good, solid data when it enters.  For instance, require customers to enter the email address twice before signing up for the newsletter, making a purchase, or asking questions of the service department.  This will help to ensure that typos are avoided.

Email addresses can also be verified by requiring the consumer to check the email inbox before continuing the process.  A simple emailed link will not slow the person down by a great deal, and it will help to confirm that you get the information that you need.

Ask for as little as possible of customers signing up for newsletters, giveaways, and other such content.  Rather than asking them to plug in the city and state, for instance, just as for the zip code.  A good CRM program can translate that to city and state for you, while still allowing you to group customers by location.

The good news is that CRM tools can assist with your efforts to maintain contacts, even as they change jobs, swap phones numbers, and switch email addresses.  With the right set up, the CRM program can alert you when emails fail to send to particular accounts, so these can be removed from the database.  With other data collected, you can reach out to those customers in other ways.  Furthermore, CRM tools can keep a running grade for all contacts, so those who prove to be dead ends can be removed from the system or differently segmented.

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