In Order to Create Shareable Content, You Must Understand People

Everyone in the marketing world – and even many of those using the internet purely for personal joy – want to enjoy the success of a viral content.  A single piece of greatness can launch a company into the limelight and leave a lasting impression on the brand’s reputation.  But, if it was easy to predict what would go viral, everyone would be doing it.  The first step to achieving the goal is definitely to understand what makes content shareable.  If it isn’t worth sharing, then it doesn’t stand a chance of becoming a sensation. So, why do people share content?

In the vast majority of cases, they are not doing so out of the kindness of their heart.  And, you aren’t going to get anywhere if the only people sharing your posts are your Mom and Grandma.  So, think broader.  People share for personal reasons.

People Share Content to Tell Their Individual Stories In the majority of cases, a person shares a piece of content because it is of interest.  Book readers will share posts that are make jokes about excessive book collections and content that features favorite authors.  Cat lovers will share videos of kittens being cute, and jokes about typical cat habits. In short, a person shares because the content relates to some aspect of his or her life or personality.

People Share Because They Think It’s Something Their Friends Should Know Many news stories and pieces of documentary-style content are shared because they offer information that people want others to know.  For instance, a parent might share a story about a crib recall because he or she has a lot of friends who have babies.  A commuter would be likely to share content about expected road repairs in his or her city because it will impact his or her commute and the travel plans of colleagues.

People Share Because the Content Has a Personal Meaning A young woman was just complaining about never being able to find a to-go container in her cupboard, and the next day her friend shares a joke about the very same topic.  She has shared the content because it was well times, and because it has personal meaning at that moment.  You can’t predict what will be happening in a person’s life at any given moment, but, for instance, with it being holiday season, you can assume that a lot of people will be more willing to share content that relates to getting together with family, with cooking large meals, with holiday shopping and more.

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