Is it Time to Switch to a Cloud-Based CRM?

Many companies, among the first wave of organizations to recognize the value of CRM software, made the choice to host their CRM technology onsite.  The initial investment was quickly repaid, as the programs made the business processes operate more smoothly.  However, eventually, many of these companies discovered that the onsite CRM was incapable of evolving with the company.  Furthermore, the costs of hosting the CRM technology became increasingly expensive and burdensome. If your company is feeling the strain of having an out-of-date CRM technology and the increasing expenses tied to hosting it, then it might be time to consider a cloud-based alternative.

If you are considering the transition, you must be aware that it will not be an all-at-once change.  As you have likely noticed, CRM quickly works its way into all facets of an organization.  Pulling and replacing all at once can be very disruptive to the operations of the company.  So, be prepared to make the transition slowly to reduce the negative impacts on the various departments within the organization.

In order to make the transition as efficient as possible, it is helpful to recognize the weak points of your current, on-site CRM service.  Listing these can help dictate which changes should be made first, with all others to follow.  Ensuring that the new technology meets your needs is going to involve a bit of shopping as well.  You likely recall the process of making the initial investment in CRM, so you have a step up on those who are just integrating the technology into their organizations, but it is still important to take stock of the company and the various departments, in order to determine which features are necessary, which would be helpful additions, and which would just be wasted expense.

The benefit of making the transition, of course, would be a decrease in operating expenses.  You will no longer have to worry about supporting an increased flow of data onsite.  Cloud-based computing is becoming increasingly commonplace, and increasingly secure, which means that you can have the advantages of CRM without the headache of onsite hosting.

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