LinkedIn Overtakes Twitter

It might sound crazy, but, at least in one area, LinkedIn has overtaken Twitter.  According to recent reports, more marketing professionals and business owners are using LinkedIn than Twitter for promoting content. The reports suggest that nearly 95 percent of those surveyed were using Linkedin for the purpose of content marketing.  Meanwhile, a slightly smaller percentage agreed that Twitter was part of that same plan.  Why the advantage for LinkedIn?

Twitter is a very powerful tool for marketers, but it isn’t necessarily the most effective way to promote content.  The 140-character limit makes it a very proficient tool for those seeking conversation, as well as those who want to comment on hot topics and news-related stories.  However, the short post format is a bit confining for some marketers.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn is the online business hub.  It is a place where professionals meet.  The post restrictions are much less severe. A lot more can be said in the allotted character count than what could be achieved with Twitter.

Does this mean that you should swap one for the other?  No.  The difference between LinkedIn usage and Twitter usage was minor.  Most marketers who responded to the survey were using both platforms, in addition to others.

Consumers are not confining themselves to a single platform, so you shouldn’t either.  In addition to LinkedIn and Twitter, business professionals showed favor for YouTube, Facebook, and Google Plus.  Smaller percentages were experimenting with SlideShare, Instagram, Pinterest, and Vimeo.

There are many different options for business professionals seeking an online audience.  It really comes down to finding the right fit for your objectives.  You have to know where your customer base is most likely to be, but also where you will be comfortable operating.  If your Twitter posts, because of the length restrictions, are awkward and difficult to form, then it may not be the right format for you.  It would seem that you are not alone in that, and you may just find that you are more successful on LinkedIn.

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