Make the Most of Social Marketing This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for family, friends, hope, and joy.  It is also, like it or not, a wonderful season for the retail markets.  If you want to increase your customer engagement online so your increased holiday sales will carry over to other times of the year, then carefully consider what makes this season so special. Conversations with Friends and Family This is a time of the year when most people are willing to open their arms and their minds for the sake of tradition and time with those who matter most.  Take advantage of that willingness to converse openly and encourage engagement on the part of your potential customers.

How do you start the conversation?  There are a couple of ways to do so.  The first is simply to ask questions.  Generalized “poll-style” questions aimed at a broad audience can be effective if the subject matter is intriguing enough.  However, you could also consider reaching out to consumers in a more personalized manner.  With the power of data collection, we can learn a great deal about the prospective consumer.  Use that knowledge to ask a question or start a conversation that will have special meaning to the recipient.

Another method of starting conversations online is to offer up a prize for interactions.  User-generated content is highly valuable.  It can greatly increase your online reputation.  If you provide the opportunity to win something special, merely for voicing opinions on a particular topic, you get the content that you want, you start a conversation, and you build your company reputation.

Charitable Intentions This is also the season for giving, for thinking of others before ourselves.  Do so.  Give to those who need it most.  It will make you feel good.  It can help those in need.  And, as an added perk, it can improve your reputation with potential consumers.

Sales and Shopping While some will argue that the present-giving traditions of the holiday season have led to the whole season being over-commercialized, you must also consider that the shopping trend brings people together.  It gives them an excuse to honor those who are important in their lives.  It promotes togetherness.  And, it can certainly help you build your online presence.  Buyers are looking for value this time of year, so give it to them in the form of special discounts and sales.

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