Not Using Social Media for Recruiting is Costing You Great Talent

This is an argument that we have made repeatedly over the past few years.  Many organizations, while embracing social media for the sake of marketing and customer interaction, still do not see the value in unleashing recruiters on the very same platforms. Getting stuck in the old ways of recruiting can be very risky these days.  Just as customers are researching products in new and different ways, so too are talented members of the workforce scouting potential employers online.

Where are they doing this?  On social media.  They are looking at LinkedIn profiles.  They are looking up current company employees and trying to get a feel for what “a day in the life of…” might look like.  Even those who aren’t actively seeking are busy on social media and could be persuaded to consider a new job prospect, if it is placed in front of them.

It’s not enough to fill the vacancy today.  Companies are competing, in no uncertain terms, for the best talent to fill their openings.  And, it is not just the potential paycheck that is enticing the skilled individual.  If you are going to win that talent over before your competitors, you can’t simply rely on newspaper ads or  You have to have a presence in their realm.

Not only are you going to be where the talent is, but by using social media for recruiting, you will also be able to do a first round of applicant vetting before you even read through the submitted resumes.  There is a great deal that one can learn about a person online.  Social media has made this statement truer than ever before.  More than half of the employers using social media for recruiting have admitted that they have reconsidered an employee as a result of something they found on social media.

The power is at your fingertips.  You can locate more leads, speak directly to talent, and really get a good impression of how those people might fit within your organization.  And, you can do it all without leaving your chair.

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