Should You Invest in a CRM?

  • Nearly 2/3 of sales teams use CRM, because of the information and data it can provide on prospective customers.
  • ¾ of those who use it agree that it has had a notable impact on sales figures, and that figure is skewed as a result of many teams misusing- or misunderstanding their CRM programs.
  • On average, a CRM can return more than $5 on every dollar spent.

All of these facts and figures don’t mean as much, though, as the convenience of the program for those who use it.  The biggest reason that sales teams like a CRM is because it reduces the burden on their shoulders.  It can take a great deal of time and energy to manually collect and process customer data, in addition to creating, sending, and analyzing campaigns.  Add these responsibilities to the regular team meetings, necessary correspondence, and the need for a social presence, and it can become downright impossible to juggle everything.

If you have started to feel the strain as a result of the responsibilities piling up on your desk, you might find that a CRM is just the tool that is needed in your office.

Communicate with Ease If you want to send a message out to potential customers, you can do so quite simply when this sort of tool is in place.  Even more valuable is the correspondence organization provided by CRM.  All of this information is stored and extracted, added to customer profiles as needed, and made searchable in case you need to call it up again in the future.  Not only does this make communication easier, it also ensures that you are an informed conversationalist, prepared to treat each customer, client, vendor, and colleague with all due respect.

Track and Reward the Team The CRM will make it easier for all team members to manage daily tasks, but it can also be used to ensure that one person is not carrying a greater burden than all others.  Employee performance tracking can be used in conjunction with an employee reward program.  Top performers can be highlighted based on actual, quantitative performance.

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