Making the Most of Mobile

Highlight it Mobile should not be something that is addressed as an afterthought.  Your campaigns should not be created and then tweaked to fit the mobile platforms.  Mobile is the powerhouse today and, as such, should be treated as the force that it is.  Therefore, place emphasis on this arena, and ensure that you are allocating a realistic amount of your budget to those channels. Don’t Be Too Narrow Mobile is a term that applies to many things these days, not just the devices of various screen sizes, but also the many applications that are available to people on the go.  If you want to reach a mobile audience, you need to be broad in your approach.  Mobile users aren’t just checking email and text messages these days.  There are plenty of opportunities to reach them via social media, in-app messages, and more.  The avenues that are most appealing for your company will be determined by the habits of your consumers, and that, once again, all comes down to understanding who your customer is.

Recognize the Privacy Issues The general public is still grappling, in a sense, with the idea of how much is too much.  The use of mobile devices and services like social media platforms has caused a lot of controversy about what information should fall in the realm of “private” and which should be considered fair game for marketers.  Obviously, you want to collect as much customer data as you can, because the more you have, the better able you are to understand that person.  When you can accurately predict what problems a person is facing and how you can resolve those problems with your product line, you are destined to see better sales figures.  However, you must be careful not to overstep the boundaries, as unclear as they may be.  If the mobile customer perceives your communication as an invasion of privacy, you risk your company’s reputation.

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