Are You Giving Holiday Consumers a Reason to Buy From You?

Customer loyalty program marketing can be a great way to build business and ensure that customers return to your website when looking for a product or service that you sell.  The added bonus of getting “something extra” from each purchase is often enough to influence consumers to ignore the competition and to shop with you first.  However, if your loyalty program is going to work for you successfully, then you better be sure that it is doing the following. Does it Provide Value for the Consumer? A loyalty card that does nothing but collecting customer data isn’t going to entice the consumer to shop at your establishment.  A great customer loyalty program will provide incentives that the consumer can’t ignore.  Perhaps it is store credit that accumulates with each dollar spent, perhaps it is the opportunity to earn valuable coupons, or maybe it is a free gift after a set number of purchases.  Remember, the goal is loyalty, and you are only going to achieve that if the program is offering something of value to the consumer.

Does it Provide Value for the Company? However, the value can’t only be on the part of the customer.  Your company must see a return on the investment as well.  Be sure that your loyalty program is really showing a profit.  This could be in the form of increased sales, or it could be in the form of improved customer data collection.  As long as you have an established goal in place and you are measuring the success of the program, you can be sure that you are getting the desired results.

Is it Efficient? It’s not enough to make the offer, you have to back up your statements with a system that works.  If the customer is meant to accumulate points for each purchase, you must be certain that your computers are properly tracking the purchases and adding points to the tally as necessary.  If the system fails, the loyalty program will mean nothing.

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