Do’s and Don’ts for Your Business’s Facebook Page

Anymore, Facebook is just about as common as a standalone website. For many businesses, it’s the gold standard for developing social media outreach. While there are certainly other options available, Facebook remains a popular avenue for companies seeking to expand their internet presence, promote their brand, and reach a larger segment of the market. Whether you have an established Facebook page or you’re setting one up for the first time, use these tips for creating a great page that will attract the most users. Do choose your profile picture and banner photo wisely. These pictures are the first ones that visitors to your page will see, so make sure you select recognizable photos that speak to your brand and image. Keep in mind that your profile picture will be the thumbnail that people see when you post anything, too.

Don’t post too often….or too sporadically. With social media, there’s a happy medium in delivering just the right amount of posts. Your contacts don’t want their timelines to be clogged with hourly updates from you, but you also don’t want to fall off their radar. Focus on high-quality posts that will encourage visitors to seek more information on your page.  This may mean weekly posts, or it may daily updates – just keep the focus on posting great information.

Do add visual elements to your posts. Words on their own can be a bit boring, so include some compelling images or graphics to go with them. Do this can result in over a 90% increase in views, with a 65% engagement increase over a month’s time.

Don’t forget to respond to comments people leave on your page. When someone takes the time to leave a comment, it’s not only courteous to reply, it’s also good business. Nearly half of the people who leave comments expect a response within an hour, and if you don’t, they may be left feeling ignored or unappreciated.

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