Who’s Ready for a Boost in Web Traffic? You Are

Everyone who has a website is after the same thing – traffic. Web traffic is essentially the lifeblood of your website and your business, because it means that your message is reaching the masses. If you’re looking for ways to boost traffic on your site – and we know you are – there are a few steps you can take. You can blog, you can ask for shares and backlinks, you can link to social media, the list goes on and on. But what about good old-fashioned SEO? Have you considered how you can make your website more searchable just by optimizing your on-page SEO? You should, and here’s how you can do it, along with a few traffic-increasing bonus tips:

  • Use title tags. Start with a great title, then use subtitles to break up the text.
  • Add internal links to link back to previous posts or other pages on your website.
  • Consider adding a few external links, too. Make sure you these direct your readers to high quality resources that will benefit them (and you, hopefully).
  • Speaking of links, make sure none of them are broken. Scan through older content to ensure that all links are functioning properly.
  • Don’t load your pages with oversized images that will increase load times and possibly frustrate your visitors.
  • Include descriptive image alt tags so that search engines can read the images.
  • Keywords, keywords, keywords. Use them, and use them in a variety of ways throughout your site to drive traffic in different ways.
  • Think about your word count and quality. Google and other search engines may deem your content “thin” if it’s too lacking in words or quality.
  • Add social buttons so your visitors can quickly and easily share content.
  • Don’t repeat yourself. No one wants to read the same copy twice, so make sure your content isn’t duplicated on your site.
  • Make your site mobile-friendly so people can access it anywhere, anytime.

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