The 21 Essentials of Email Marketing

    1. Professional, clear communication Avoid industry jargon or abbreviations that could confuse the reader.
    2. Never forget the human component Remember that there is a person at the other end of the communication, and write with that in mind.
    3. Be consistent with your message, and your objective

  1. Beware of short attention spanDon’t write a novel, because it won’t be read. People want the value of the email to be immediately evident.  They aren’t going to search for it.
  2. Recognize the importance of detailsThe smallest typo or mistake could make your email appear unprofessional, and turn the consumer off.
  3. Label your images Provide alt text in case the images don’t load correctly.
  4. Use measurable links for text and images
  5. Break up content with bullet points or subheadingsThis is especially important in lengthy emails.
  6. Carefully consider the subject lineIt’s the first thing the reader sees, and will ultimately determine whether or not the email is opened.
  7. Always include contact information
  8. Provide the option to share Make sure the email can be forwarded to a friend easily, or provide social media share buttons.
  9. Never forget the intended audience Speak in a tone that will be well received by your intended audience.
  10. Use good quality photos
  11. Allow for replies, and be sure to respond
  12. Provide an archive on the website Archive newsletters and important email messages on your website, so customers can find the information even after they have deleted the email.
  13. Be honest in the byline Include your company name in the “from” line.
  14. Proofread everything, twiceAsk someone else from your team to proofread it as well. Typos can be costly.
  15. Use proper sentence structure
  16. Ensure that font type and color theme can be read on all screens
  17. Double check links Broken or bad links can cause suspicion and frustration. They can also cost you a strong lead.
  18. Provide value Always give them a reason to open the email, and it click through to your website.

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