Do You Have a Marketing Mission?

When starting a new company, or even a non-profit organization, Digital Marketing Carlsbad agencies recommend creating a mission statement.  That single statement becomes the center of every other decision made along the way – from the writing of the business plan to the release of a new addition to the product line ten years down the road. The importance of the company’s mission statement is easily recognizable. Yet, while most Digital Marketing Carlsbad agencies recognize that fact, they fail to create a mission for their own efforts.  Of course, the decisions made in the Digital Marketing Carlsbad department should reflect on the company’s mission statement, but there should also be a definite goal unique to this area of the business.  By having that objective clearly stated in writing, it becomes much easier to create cohesive campaigns that work well with each other.

Is your marketing team meant only to improve the bottom line?  Is your primary goal to encourage customer loyalty?  Are you a company focused on spreading an important message?

An example of a potential marketing mission statement:

It is the objective of the marketing team to provide useful, relevant material that is invaluable to the organization’s niche market with the intention of improving the consumer’s understand and appreciate of the company, of the individual products, and of the industry as a whole.

Beneath this mission, there should be the measurable, specific, and time-bound goals that will all work toward the primary objective.  For example:

In order to ensure that the consumers have access to worthwhile material:

  • We will provide a weekly newsletter containing industry news, how-tos, and up-to-the-minute relevant information.
  • We will share the tips and useful posts of social media followers, at least one per day.
  • We will provide links to useful content and our newsletter at least once per day

Notice that the mission statement is always as the center of these, keeping all members of the marketing team focused on a single goal.

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