Three Metrics You May Not Have Considered

Marketing is often a game of numbers and acronyms.  Seeing the CTR and ROI climb, while BR falls can bring joy to your life, and greater success in your career.  However, these aren’t the only things that you should be gauging, if you want to enjoy marketing gains in the online arena. While you are busy crunching numbers and evaluating statistics, be sure that you consider how the following three ratios can help you improve your future campaigns.

  1. The Post Length/ Click Through RatioTaking a close look at how the length of your post impacts the number of times the link is clicked is very good practice. This is a day and age when one must carefully balance a great message with a short attention span.  Social media users, for the most part, are not signing in to read lengthy messages.  They want to get the gist of what you have to say in as few characters as possible – hence the success of Twitter.  By measuring this ratio, you will likely find that the length of the post has a great impact of how well it will be received by your intended audience.
  2. The Time of Post/ Engagement Ratio It’s not just the length that you should gauge, but also the time that you post it. While it is undoubtedly beneficial to be on top of industry-related breaking news, most posts can be withheld until the optimum time to maximize the number of impressions that they earn.  So, start learning your audience’s habits to determine the very best time of day to reach them.
  3. Campaign Creation Time/ ROI Ratio Once you have figured out the best time of day to post, and the perfect number of characters to use each time, you should carefully consider how much time you are spending on the creation of a campaign. There is something to be said about innovative, neatly-presented campaigns, but spending too much time on each can lead to gaps in conversation between you and your consumers.  If time is money, then spending more time on a campaign should produce a better ROI.  Be sure that is the case before you devote so much of yourself to future campaigns.

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