2015 Stats Can Help Revamp Your Media Marketing Plan for 2016

As the New Year quickly approaches, many companies, likely including yours, are considering what changes they can make in 2016 with Digital Marketing La Jolla to improve the financial forecast of their organizations.  If you are wise, you are looking at the trends, statistics, and news reports of 2015 in order to gauge what actions will be most profitable in the New Year. This is certainly true for Digital Marketing La Jolla agencies looking to improve their online performance.  This year’s statistics can certainly tell you a great deal about the online marketplace, and also give you a good indication of what shifts may take place next year with Digital Marketing La Jolla.

Nearly Two-Thirds of Marketers are on Social Media Six Hours per Week

More than sixty percent of the marketing agents online are active for at least six hours per week.  If you aren’t doing the same, then you probably aren’t have the success that you would like to have with social media.  It makes sense that six would be the lucky number.  An hour per day, six days per week would certainly be very manageable for most marketers, and would also provide enough time to communicate with current customers and prospective consumers, increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty. Of those putting forth the six hours of time each week, the vast majority report that they are seeing significant benefits in lead generation as a result of the effort. The Top Five: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube

In 2015, these five social media platforms held the top slots for marketers.  Not only were these arenas the most frequented by those in the marketing field, they also provided the biggest benefits.  However, even more important than this was the realization that Twitter, which remains very near the top of the list, has lost some ground in 2015.  Where did those users go?  To Instagram.  The photo-focused platform is very appealing to Millennials, and will likely to continue to claim largest percentages of the marketing activity in 2016.

YouTube, LinkedIn to See Growth, While Facebook is Expected to Lose Ground

If you are still new to social media marketing, and deciding where your efforts are best spent, you might consider YouTube and LinkedIn.  Two-thirds of the marketing experts interviewed this year admitted that they plan to boost their activity in those arenas, but many of those said that they would also step back Facebook campaigns in the New Year.

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