You Can Be a Better Blogger, and Welcome More Traffic

Write and Write Often If you want to bring people to your blog, repeatedly, then you better keep the content coming.  Long time gaps between posts can allow interest to dry up.  People don’t want to wait to see something new, so aim to post at least once per week, but preferably one every three or four days. Integrate with Social Media If you have not recognized this relationship yet, then you must do so.  Blogging gives you content to share on social media.  Sharing on social media drives traffic to your blog.  It’s a win-win combination.

Have a Clear VoiceThis doesn’t refer to grammar or even the way that you word your message, but rather what you choose to write about.  While it can be difficult to come up with new topics week after week if you narrow the field too far, it is important to keep your blog clearly defined.  Create a list of subjects that you want to include on your blog and stick to that list with each and every post.

Use Pictures Not just pictures, though.  Use good quality, meaningful images that are sure to capture the eye and appropriately portray your intended message.  Additionally, the use of photos means a greater opportunity to boost SEO with each post, thanks to the alt image text.  Stock images are okay (as long as they are royalty free) in moderation, but it is always better to use your own, high quality photographs when possible.

Know Your Keywords What will your audience search when trying to find your products or services?  What might they search if they want to find a blog post on the same topic you are writing about?  These are the keywords that will be important to your brand and to your blog.  Be sure that you are integrating keywords, as naturally as possible, into your blog posts.

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