Use LinkedIn Better, and See Results

We see a lot of information about Twitter and Facebook for business, even Instagram and Snapchat are discussed at length, but LinkedIn remains a powerhouse in the business world, so before you branch out, be sure you are making the most of this social media, particularly if you are operating in a B2B business. Tip 1: Keep it Professional This isn’t Twitter, and it definitely isn’t Snapchat.  Linked is the professional social media platform, so treat it that way and avoid the #Caturday photos.  It’s just not the right audience.  As in business, you are expected to present the professional you.  That means posting things responsibly, and also being quick to respond to messages.  Additionally, be sure that your profile photo speaks of professionalism, with a clear, straight-forward head shot.

Tip 2: Speak to the Intended Audience Know who you are trying to reach, and speak directly to that audience.  Tailor your profile to appeal to those individuals, and speak in their language.  Whenever possible, consider the problems or challenges that the audience faces and respond to those with your profile.

Tip 3: Call to Action Use them and use them well, especially on LinkedIn.  This is a bit different than other social platforms, so be sure that you are clear about how you want prospective clients to reach out to you.

Tip 4: Use Keywords Just as you do on your website, it is important to consider the keywords that would most appeal to your prospective clients.  The endorsements that you receive from others can then boost your LinkedIn profile ranking because of those keywords.

Tip 5: Choose Your Groups Wisely There are many groups on LinkedIn, which are essentially dead.  When there is little or no activity taking place within the group, it isn’t likely to do you much good.  So, choose the groups that you see your intended audience participating in, and then take advantage of the 15 free messages that you can send to those group members each month.

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