Why You Should Not Buy Followers

It can be so tempting, especially when you see a competitor with tens of thousands of followers, to speed up the growth process by paying a few dollars for a bigger following.  However, there are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t do this, and why you should take the time to grow your audience organically. Remember, there is more than one number associated with a Twitter account:

  • Number of Followers: It does matter, but it isn’t the ‘be all, end all’. It is more important to have quality followers, who will engage with you and take interest in what you have to offer.  After all, the purpose is to grow brand recognition, and a bunch of ‘zombie accounts’* aren’t going to care about your brand in the least.
  • Number of Regular Engagements: how many of those followers are actually taking the time to read and respond to your content? You aren’t going to get engagement from the purchased followers, because, more likely than not, they are not real people anyway.  Engagement comes as a result of relationship building, and that happens organically.  It cannot be purchased.
  • Number of Twitter Lists When a follower takes the time to assign you to a specific group based on your skills or talents, it means that you have value for them.
  • Number of Leads How many of those people are genuine leads for your business? We are willing to bet that the purchased followers are not going to buy anything from your company now, or at any time in the future. However, the followers that you take the time to discover, follow, and converse with may do just that.  In fact, they will likely develop a sense of loyalty for your company, if you manage to build a real relationship with them.

*’Zombie Account’ The person or entity selling you followers will generally have a large number of Twitter accounts that have been set up just for the purpose of boosting other’s followers count.  These accounts are not active, nor are these supposed individuals real people.

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