Getting Your Social Media Marketing Moving

Why are you staying active with Digital Marketing Encinitas?  Why are you putting so much emphasis on your Digital Marketing Encinitas plans?  Because you want to sell more of your product or service, of course.  So, don’t ever forget that selling is at the foundation of your social media activity. Remembering that will, believe it or not, make it much easier to grow your following.  There are all sorts of recommendations out there about how to make your social presence more approachable and less like the stereotypical door-to-door salesman.  And, while there is absolute worth to be found in the 85% information/15% sales approach to social media, you must remember that the 85% is still there to boost the conversion rates on the 15% sales.

Give Them Something For Free Just because it isn’t one of the 15% doesn’t mean that a post can’t have value.  By offering your audience something that they want at no cost, you can more easily determine who is genuinely interested in what your company has to offer otherwise.  This is, in essence, a form of lead generation, and a powerful one at that.  A giveaway, whether it is a trial sample of your product, a whitepaper, or gift certificate, is a great way to draw attention and to entice the consumer to develop an interest in your product line.

Give Them Value In the 15% posts, be sure that you are providing value.  A consumer is a lot less likely to click through if they can get the same product for the same price elsewhere.  Give them an incentive in the form of value.  This could be a discounted price for social media followers, a limited-time coupon, or announcement of an ongoing sale.  But do be sure that these offers have deadlines or else there is little reason for the person to act in the moment.

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