Do You Really Need a Website Today?

This question has been one that has circulated for quite some time now.  The success of social media platforms continues to mislead companies into believing that they can build their brand and customer loyalty without websites.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  To be successful online, there are several reasons why you will want and need a website. The Landing All of the information that you share, all of the comments, and all of the references to your company are managed for a reason – to tell people about your brand.  So, the person on the other end of that message gets excited and wants to learn more, but without a website, there is nowhere for him or her to get it.  Your website is the virtual store front, the door that the customer opens to get a better look at the inside.  This is where you tell your story and give the consumer a reason to try your product or service.

The Owned Material What happens when that social media platform that you have put so much effort into disappears?  While it may not seem a great possibility now, there is always the chance that something could happen that would cause a social platform to dissolve, and with it goes all of the information that you have worked so hard to amass.  Even if the platform lasts for many years to come, glitches can occur, or inadvertent violations of the rules can cause your account to be shut down.  When you don’t own the site, you don’t own the information, and it can all be lost without notice.

A Blog is Content and SEO A great blog means always having content to share with followers and potential customers.  You’ll need a place to host the blog, and, as mentioned above, the safest way to ensure that the content is never lost is to own the website.  Additionally, a blog is a great way to incorporate links and keywords that can boost your SEO, which means even those who are not following you on social media can find your website and learn more about your company.

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