Changes to Social Media That Start-Ups Must Be Aware Of

As a start-up, there are enough challenges to contend with without having to learn the hard way about the new changes to the Digital Marketing Encinitas environment.  There have been some relatively big ones this year, and you should be aware of those if you are hoping to build your brand recognition and your online presence. #1. Live Video Applications Twitter recently purchased a service called Periscope, which allows users to feed life video broadcasts through the social media channel.  That, of course, can be a very powerful tool for marketing teams, which is a fact that was immediately recognized by Instagram and SnapChat executives.  They followed suit, offering similar services to their users.

#2. Imbedded Articles Facebook has quickly become a source of news for users, and the introduction of Instant Articles provided the users faster load times, but also ensured that they would not navigate away from the social media platform.  Everything runs through the Facebook site.  Furthermore, Instant Articles provides unique features such as a tilt screen zoom feature, and the option of liking or commenting on particular pieces of articles, rather than the whole thing.  Again, this can be very beneficial for marketers, and, of course, for your start-up, because it allows you to feed your news directly into the arena where it is most likely to be shared.

#3. Optimizing Organic Search is Increasingly Difficult  Why?  Because millions are vying for the top spot, and social media platforms have cut back on organic results in favor of paid advertising or promoted posts.  That likely means that you will have to increase you advertising budget in 2016.  On average, the costs of placing online ads is expected to jump up by five percent or more in the New Year.  So, if you want to reach your audience, you may have to spend a little more to do so.

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