Encouraging Your Sales Team to Embrace CRM

It can be challenging to make any changes within an organization, and this is made even more difficult when the team isn’t onboard with the alterations.  So, if you wish to benefit from CRM software, then you have to get your sales team to use it as it is intended.  This really comes down to communication. #1. Be Sure They Are Involved From the Onset  Don’t just drop the product in their laps and expect them to celebrate.  You have to keep the lines of communication open throughout the process, so they can give input and ask questions, knowing that they do have some say in what is implemented.  This is beneficial in more ways than one.  Not only does it make the team feel included, it also helps to better ensure that you get a product that will work well within your organization.  When the software is customized to best mimic the current behaviors of the sales team, the transition will go more smoothly, and the salespeople will more immediately recognize the benefits of using it.

#2. Acknowledge the Advantages to the Individual  Don’t just talk about how great this product will be for the company.  While it is true that a CRM can make an organization run more smoothly, that is not what the salesperson is most concerned with. So, be sure to point out the individual advantages, such as the fact that there will be fresh leads brought to them with very little work on their part.  Furthermore, those leads will have already been assessed and deemed worthwhile by the program, so there is a better chance that the lead will turn into a sale.  That means an increased likelihood of earning a commission on each lead.

#3. Provide Education Be sure that the sales team is not thrown in without a lifeline.  Provide them the education that they need to make the best possible use of the software.  This will ultimately benefit everyone.  In addition to that initial training, it is a good idea to have a source of information available to those who have questions or concerns as they work with the CRM system.

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