Power of Twitter Chats

The topic of Twitter chats has been raised with us on a few occasions recently.  Perhaps it is because people are becoming more aware of the existence of these live conversations, or perhaps it is simply that more companies are looking for ways to branch out of the traditional marketing spectrum. Regardless of the reason, there is certainly merit in considering Twitter chats.  While many that were once established didn’t survive over the long term, others are still going strong years after they were established.  The idea is fairly simple – provide a forum for people with similar interests to discuss products, services, and topics related to their passions.

For businesses, this has provided a great opportunity to expand reach on Twitter, to meet others interested in their services, and to grow their online followership.  These chats are like hashtags on steroids, because while using a trending hashtag can give your account some relevancy, with the Twitter chat hashtag, you are using it at the same time people are looking for it.  Everything happens within the moment.

Not only is this a great way to meet potential customers, to speak on topics of interest, and to grow your Twitter account, it is also a time to learn.  Often the conversations are on the most current happenings in the industry, and you may find that problems your company has been experiencing are shared by others.  An expert in the field is often ready to address these issues with solutions you may not have yet considered.

How do you find a Twitter Chat that interests you or that relates to your industry?

You can visit Google’s Twitter Chat Schedule, which lists just over 100 recurring Twitter chats, or Tweet Reports version of the list, or you can simply go to Twitter and search ‘Twitter Chat’.  You’ll be amazed at how many posts will direct you to an actual chat at a specified day and time.

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