Why Bother with Marketing Automation

Frustrated at the thought of having to revamp your Digital Marketing Del Mar department again?  Worried about the time that it will take to install and train in the new automation software?  Can it possibly be worth it? Yes.

It absolutely is worth the investment of time and money to have more of your Digital Marketing Del Mar operating automated.  Consider the fact that having automation makes it fifty percent more likely that you will see higher conversion rates on your next campaign.  If that’s not enough to entice you, then perhaps it would help to know that it could lead to more than three percent growth of your annual earnings.  Still not impressed?

Marketing automation means that you have to do fewer repetitive manual processes throughout the course of a day or a week.  That means that you are freed up to do the more important things, like communicating with consumers and working with the design teams on the next campaigns.  It also means that there is less risk of a typo or misprint, which could be costly.  Human error is reduced with automation software.

It’s not just because of the immediate growth that you could enjoy, the investment in marketing automation can get your ahead of the competition.  Without it, you could find yourself left behind.  Within five years, it is expected that as many as 85% of all organizations will have this form of automation in place.  Without it, your efficiency lags behind and you will likely struggle to keep up with your closest competitors.

How can it improve your efficiency?  Consider the fact that automation, in addition to many other services, does away with the time spent conversing with worthless leads.  It ensures that the vetting is done ahead of time, so that your time is spent conversing and interacting only with those who are most likely to invest in your brand.

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