Be Sure Your Followers Take You Seriously

The power of social media and blogging is lost when you don’t establish relationships with the followers and follow social media best practices.  You can’t do that unless they are taking your posts as a serious endeavor.  That means that you must become the trustworthy source of content. Be Organized All of that begins with organization.  When you enter into something like this without a plan, you are far more likely to fail before you have accomplished anything.  Be sure that you have a goal in mind, which is well laid out, keeping your content creation well organized and focused.  Set a timeline for how often you will post, at what time and day each day-, each week-, or each month that will happen.  And, stick to your plan.  When you fail to meet your own goals, you show a lack of respect for your own initiative, and your followers will do the same.

Communicate It’s not enough to simply post.  If you want to be taken seriously, you need to be present.  Obviously, you can’t be there every single minute to respond to what others comment and post, but doing so periodically throughout the day or, at very least, a couple of times per week can improve your reputation online.  That means responding to the comments and questions that others write in response to your posts, but also taking the time to share or comment on others’ content. Consider joining Twitter chats, webinars, and other online forums to partake in industry-related conversation, as well.

Keep Growing So, you grew your following from zero to five hundred followers in less than a month.  That’s wonderful, but don’t stop there.  As soon as you stop showing growth, you being to lose your footing in the online environment.   While setting benchmarks is wonderful when it comes to followership, they should not be treated as the finish line.

Find The Market If you aren’t having any luck, despite your continued efforts, it likely means that you aren’t reaching your intended market.  Stop and consider who you are trying to reach and where they are most likely to be found.  If you are busy making chatter on Facebook while the majority of your customer base is active on Instagram, you are missing the mark and it’s time to rethink your approach.

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