Marketing Automation Common Mistakes

Marketing automation software can be a very powerful addition to your tool box.  It can be a big time saver and may even simplify your Digital Marketing Carlsbad efforts.  However, if you make some of these common beginner mistakes, it could reduce the value of the investment. Underutilization Many company executives get very excited about the possibilities that come with marketing automation software. They often fail, however, to involve their employees in those initial phases. When it comes time to implement the new software, it doesn’t fit then with the existing marketing plan or the software chosen is overcomplicated. The end result is that the employees shy away from it.  That leads to marketing automation being underutilized, which makes it a wasted investment.

Using the Tools for Manual Applications The whole purpose of automation is that it can take the burden off your marketing team, but if it is only being used for manual marketing, it is hardly being used as it is intended.  There is so much that the program can do on its own, if only it is set up to do so.

Poor Communication Among Team Members When marketing teams are relatively large, or separate teams are working for different areas of the company, marketing automation can become a boggy mess if communication fails.  Talk should be open and in a state of constant flow to ensure that the automated marketing processes don’t conflict.

Not Getting Help If it is clear that the automation software is not doing all that it is intended for, or if the employees are acting in a lackluster way about the new tool, it may be time to call in outside help.  Hiring a third party representative to ensure that the software is properly installed and to provide training to members of your team is only adding value; it is definitely worthwhile.

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