3 Ways to Improve Customer Service Online

#1. Personalized Offers for Loyal Consumers While many companies attempt to keep up with the negative, always trying to appease those who have reported a bad experience, too few are rewarding the people who are working to improve the reputation of the company.  Choosing a random selection of customers who have publicly demonstrated their loyalty online can be a great way to ensure that dedication remains.  The rewards could simply be personalized coupons or could involve a freebie of some sort.  Whatever you choose, the recognition will undoubtedly be appreciated.

#2. Instant Chat with Representatives

Think about why you send a text message or email as opposed to calling someone.  Very often, the reason why a person does so is to be efficient with time.  There is far less commitment involved in sending a one-sentence text than phoning a friend.  The phone call involves small talk and whatnot.  When it comes to customer service, the same is true.  A phone call can be time-consuming, winding one’s way through the automated menu, holding for the next representative, and then going through all of the personal information and numbers.

Instant chat is a great alternative for those who don’t have the time or desire to place such a call.  Many companies have started offering a chat feature on their website.  If you haven’t done so yet, you could be turning away potential customers without even realizing it.

#3. Reputation Management Unhappy consumers are often quick to turn to the internet today, to warn off others who may be considering the same product or service.  If you can be there to correct the situation, and move the negativity offline, you can do a great deal for the reputation of your company.  This means having automatic searches in place, to recognize when your company or products have come up in online conversation, and having a team prepared to respond to such issues.

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