Using Social Media for the Food and Beverage Industry

When it comes to using social media for Carlsbad Professional Marketing Services purposes, few industries have been as successful as the food and beverage business.  It’s like the social tools and trends have been created just to future these companies. While many industries see just over 50 percent of their players active online, the food and beverage industry stays busy.  Eight out of ten companies are on social media and are active participants.  Not only is it a great place to showcase products and communicate with the customer base, it is also possible to track the behaviors of the competition and to gauge the desires of the niche market.

We’ve already talked about the success that Coca Cola has enjoyed in this arena, with their #Shareacoke Campaign.  Yet, they are not the only corporation to find a willing audience online.

Some of the other companies do not enjoy the budget, nor the fame of the Coca Cola brand, but they have still managed great things on the web.  Hootsuite actually featured a story about Bob’s Red Mill, a whole grain and gluten-free retailer, after it was clear that this was a company that knew how to make the most of social media.  With their efforts online, they were able to establish much greater brand recognition, and, of course, built up their financial bottom line.

If you are operating in this industry, then you can enjoy the same advantages.  There is a lot that goes into a big campaign like that launched by Coca Cola, but you can learn from their efforts.  Consider what they did, which made the #ShareACoke Campaign a raving success:

  1. Ensure that online and offline efforts are coordinated.
  2. Use imagery to tell the story.
  3. Encourage customers to create content.
  4. Use specific hashtags.

Keeping these basic rules in mind, with the right message, you can boost your business online.

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