Website Design: Are You on Trend?

Website trends, like those in any other area of life, evolve over time, so if you have essentially ignored your website since you first created it, then you may have something as out-of-date as dark wood paneling and grunge.  It might be time for a little renovation. Mobile-Friendly Please, oh please, if you are not yet mobile-friendly, then make the change now!  This is something that we have said a hundred times over the past couple of years, and despite the fact that there are millions upon millions of mobile users, many companies are still using websites that don’t play nice with smartphone screens. 

Keep it Simple While it once was a goal of website creators to go over the top with special effects and super challenging code, today the trend is minimalism.  The most loved sites are those that don’t go over the top, but focus on eye appeal and user-friendliness.

Individualized Website Experiences This is still a relatively new trend, but one worth paying attention to.  If you can get ahead of the crowd and create a website that uses customer data to cater the website viewing to individual preferences, then you will very likely see much quicker growth within your industry.

The Magazine Cover For a long time, there was a lot of emphasize on creating three-dimensional designs, but more and more we are seeing websites that have obviously been creating by designers working hard to keep everything flat.  We call this the magazine cover, because the text and the images ring together in a flat, but appealing manner.

Imagery Though simplicity rules, and sites are flatter (more two-dimensional) than they were a couple of years ago, imagery is still reigning supreme.  Background images, in particular, are holding great eye-appeal for modern audiences.  The most effective applications of background images are those that remove as much text as possible, showcasing the image and the company name, with only a small icon for a drop down menu.

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