Making the Most of Instagram: Grow Your Followership

Use hashtags, but use them correctly.  It can be annoying or deterring to see a single photo with half a dozen tags, particularly when those tags are so long that they are difficult to make sense of. Keep Your Hashtags Short, Sweet, and Meaningful When you get too overzealous with your hashtags, you can turn people away.  Instead, know the keywords that will interest your niche and apply them to your photos as hashtags, however, don’t use hashtags that don’t have something to do with the photo as that can be seen as false or misleading.

Use More Specific Tags Hashtags like #cat, #dog, or #food are okay, but you can narrow down to a specific niche easier when you use more specific hashtags like #caturday, #goldendoodle, or #glutenfree.

Research Hashtags It is important to be aware of tags that are related to your industry and to apply them to appropriate photos.

Make Connections Be genuine to yourself, as well as your company.  Though it may be your objective to market your company, you can do so most effectively when you build relationships. People are more apt to be loyal to someone they know and have connected with.

Seek Out Others Who Share Interests Make friends.  Friends are valuable in business, so seek out others who seem to share similar interests with you.  Don’t limit yourself to business-specific topics.  You will come across as a more inviting personality, and more approachable if you show a broader range of interests.

Start Conversations Make the connections by starting conversations in the form of comments on others’ posts.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due If you see a photo that you love, then share it, comment on it, or otherwise give credit to the person who took the time to post it.  You know how much time and effort goes into creating quality posts, so spread the love.

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