Marketing Meet Sales. Now, Play Nice.

Do you have separate marketing and sales teams?  If they aren’t working together, then neither department can truly prosper today with Carlsbad Online Marketing.  It takes a lot of effort to market effectively today, and it is all worthless effort if the sales team is not prepared to close the deal. It can be a bit intimidating to realize that buyers are as impulsive as they once were.  As many as 90% of buyers will research products online before buying.  Worse yet, only 50% of the searches will lead to a purchase.  Half of all users are only ‘testing the water’ or ‘window shopping’

While the internet makes it easier to buy, people are taking longer to execute their purchases, because they spend more time researching other possible solutions, price matching, and reading reviews.

Marketers are doing a lot more to prep buyers for the final sale than they were in the past.  So much of the shopping experience is social, that marketers must work hard to create a positive image for the company and the product, but must also build brand recognition.

Remember though, that brand recognition is important, though it shouldn’t be the primary goal of online content creation.  There should be an effort, always, to boost present sales as well.  Marketers should be creating content that the sales team can use when approached by hesitant buyers.  This may include product demos, case studies, or general statistics.

Additionally, it is important that the marketing and sales team have immediate access to the entire list of potential leads.  Regardless of how the lead comes to the company, it will be important for both departments to have the ability to tap into that information during the sales cycle.  These leads should be carefully evaluated for worth by whichever department happens to enter them in the shared system.  Evaluate potential buyers on their ability to afford the product or service, as well as when- and how badly they need it.

These efforts to keep both teams adequately informed will undoubtedly lead to improved rate of growth and a greater return on marketing investments.

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