Hosting Giveaways on Social Media

Marketing Companies in San Diego recommend social media contests as a great way to expand your presence online and to receive feedback from current- and potential customers.. In fact, more than a third of surveyed Facebook users agreed that they would “like” a page if there was a chance of winning something. Understand that there is a time and place for contests.  If your organization deals with the public, and wants to expand social media exposure, then it might be a good fit.  However, if you are selling products or goods to other companies, particularly in specialized industries, you may find that an attempt at a giveaway flops.

It is important to be very clear about your objectives.  Going into a giveaway without an obvious objective is foolish.  Even if your contest is a success and you see great leaps in growth on the social platform, it won’t mean much, if you aren’t prepared to follow that up with continued social interaction.  Are you looking for a bigger following online?  More email addresses for your marketing list?  Or, do you want to have user generated content for your site?

Once you have a clear goal established, then take a few moments to review the rules and guidelines of the particular social platform.  For instance, Facebook has a very detailed list of obligations that a company must abide by when hosting a contest.  Failing to do so could result in serious problems later, which would most certainly negate the effort.

Look into the available Apps.  There are many contest services that can help you run your giveaway, and also collect data from the entries along the way.  So, while you aren’t obligated to have a third-party app, it can certainly be beneficial and time-saving using Marketing Companies in San Diego.  However, do compare the various services out there.  Many of the apps are free or very affordable.  You don’t necessarily need one of the more costly services, particularly if you are running a rather simple giveaway with Marketing Companies in San Diego.

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